Purpose of the educational program:

Training of qualified specialists in the field of historical education who are capable of scientific and pedagogical activities, have critical thinking, organizational skills that are important for teaching, research skills, information and analytical activities.

The graduate is awarded the academic degree «bachelor of education» in the educational program –«History».

Bachelors of education can hold positions in accordance with the Standard qualification characteristics of positions of teaching staff and persons equated to them (with changes and additions as of 31.10.2018).

A graduate of the educational program 6B01601 teacher Training in the Humanities «History» is methodically and psychologically prepared for changes in the type and nature of their professional activities;

- Has the basics of knowledge in their field of activity, initiative and activity that allows them to adapt to the changing requirements of the labor market and technology;

- Is able to master new provisions and approaches to updated and inclusive education, innovative teaching methods, using modern information technologies;

- Has the skills of research activities, conducting methodological experiments;

- Has leadership qualities, entrepreneurial skills, adaptable to global challenges.