A graduate of the specialty 6В042 - "Law" is awarded a bachelor's degree. Qualifications and postgraduate studies of graduates of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Population of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2018 Determined in accordance with the qualification regulations of managers, specialists and other employees, approved by Order No. 604 of 31.11.
Qualification characteristics of the bachelor's specialty 6B042 - "Law". Professional activities: protection, security, protection of legal rights and interests of the state, individuals and legal entities in the field of law. Objects of professional activity: bodies of professional activity of graduates of internal affairs bodies; judicial, executive and representative bodies of state power and administration; state and non-state enterprises; propaganda activities; banks; insurance and auditing companies; educational organizations.
Professional disciplines:
- events and actions related to the law;
- activity of state and non-state institutions
- legal relations arising in the field;
- Legal relations between government bodies of the Republic of Kazakhstan, individuals and legal entities.
Professional activities: Bachelor of 6B042 - "Law" can perform the following professional activities:
- Organizational and managerial activities in government bodies and organizations of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
- The bodies of internal affairs, the financial police, the national security, the prosecutor's office, judicial institutions, etc., law enforcement in the bodies;
- legal and service activities as a legal adviser, a lawyer;
- pedagogical activity in educational institutions of secondary and secondary vocational education.
Functions of professional activity:
- Protection of rights;
- organizational and managerial;
- pedagogical;
- Creation of a secular and legal state in the Republic of Kazakhstan;

- implementation of law enforcement activities on the subject of equality of individuals and legal entities before the law;
- identification of problems of law enforcement and improvement of national lawmaking.
Typical tasks of professional activity:
- increasing the effectiveness of the protection of the rights and freedoms of a person and citizen;
- protection and support of entrepreneurial and other activities that do not contradict legislation;
- crime prevention;
- education of citizenship and patriotism, respect for state symbols, inviolability of cases contrary to the Constitution and society;
- strengthening of law and order;
- formation and development of legal consciousness and legal culture of the population;
- protection of human and civil rights.
Directions of professional activity:
The activity of the bachelor of jurisprudence is aimed at the implementation of legal norms, ensuring the strengthening of the rule of law in the legal order in various spheres of social life while protecting public and private interests.
Content of professional activity:
- making a contribution to the development of the rule of law and civil society;
- ensuring the rights and freedoms of man and citizen;
- expansion of the scope of legal influence;
- improvement of the mechanism of legal regulation;
- deepening of legal knowledge and professional skills;
- formation of legal awareness and legal culture among the population ;;
- dissemination of modern political and legal views;
- competent application of modern laws;
- the widespread use of democratic public, state, legal institutions in order to fulfill the issues of protecting the rights of man and citizen, as well as the interests of society;
Requirements to the key competence of the bachelor of specialty 6В042 - "Law". Bachelor of jurisprudence: must have an idea: about the values ​​of mankind; management fundamentals; the main stages and features of national history; new telecommunication facilities; laws and concepts of logic; bases of the organization of activity and rules of the Kazakh and foreign languages.

Must know: legal concept; constitutional structure of the Republic of Kazakhstan; types and mechanisms of protection of the rights of individuals and legal entities; the nature, nature and interaction of legal and state phenomena; the concept and essence of law; preparation of legal documents. Skill: creatively use the knowledge gained; combine the knowledge gained with specific proposals; explain various legal norms; draw up various documents in the field of law; have the skills of logical and analytical thinking, responsibility and organizational qualities.
Have skills: to use in professional activities knowledge and methods obtained in the humanities and socio-economic sciences; research work; analysis of legal relations with legal norms relating to professional activities; establishing and developing relations between individuals; communication and legal advice; participation and interrogation in judicial debates; search and comparative analysis of opportunities for improving the mechanism for implementing regulatory documents and legal decisions.
To be able to: apply the theory and norms of law in specific experimental situations; make restrictions between evidence and investigations; develop plans and capabilities for response systems; make the necessary procedural documentation; interact with experts in the field of organization, work in working groups, other disciplines; evaluate the results of their activities.