Passport of the educational program of the specialty 6В03101/5B010100 "Sociology»

Objectives (mission) of the educational program: the Mission of the educational program is to provide conditions for obtaining a full-fledged, high-quality professional education, professional competence in sociology. Formation of competitiveness of graduates in the specialty of social work, which will provide the opportunity for their fastest employment in the specialty.

The objectives of the educational program: - knowledge of the theoretical foundations and laws of sociology, highlighting its specificity, revealing the principles of the ratio of methodology and methods of sociological knowledge; to help students understand the social phenomena and processes taking place in the modern world and Kazakhstan, to explore the acute social issues of social inequality, interethnic, economic and political conflicts, forming an active life and citizenship, value orientations; to contribute to the training of well-educated, creative and critical thinking professionals capable of analyzing and predicting complex social problems and mastering the methodology of sociological research.

List of additional educational programs of choice within the specialty:

1) public Relations and PR (public relations)

(2) Social work

3) Applied and industrial sociology

4) Teaching of social and political disciplines in colleges


Qualification characteristics of bachelor/ master of education in the field Of professional activity:

The sphere of professional activity of the bachelor – the field of social Sciences and Humanities, the field of scientific knowledge, educational field; the field of sociological support of all branches of production, management and policy.


  1. Objects of professional activity.

The objects of professional activity of the bachelor are:

  • state body;
  • secondary and special education institutions;
  • research organizations;
  • advisory service;
  • scientific institutions engaged in the study of the problems of interaction between man and society.