Regional Studies»

Passport of the educational program of specialty 6В03103/5B050500 "regional Studies»

Objectives (mission) of the educational program: Mission training of specialists to ensure diplomatic, foreign economic and other contacts with foreign countries and regions, as well as contacts of public authorities, interested agencies and public organizations in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan with representatives of the relevant countries and regions of the world.

Objectives of the educational program• to provide knowledge about the ongoing processes of international cooperation at all levels in the region under study; about the processes of regional integration in the region under study; about foreign policy processes in the countries of the region under study; the formation of graduates of General cultural and professional competencies necessary for successful activities, prepared for independent research, organizational and managerial activities

List of additional educational programs of choice within the specialty

1) State and local government

2) Translation business (English)

3) Customs in international relations

 4) International regional studies: Russia


The sphere of professional activity of bachelor specialty 5B050500 – "regional Studies" are: - the sphere of international relations, the activities of international organizations and associations; - the sphere of national security of the Republic of Kazakhstan and other States; - the activities of public administration of the Republic of Kazakhstan, non-governmental organizations and associations working in the field of foreign and domestic political development of different profiles; - the sphere of mass media (editorial offices of mass media - as reporters on international problems, support staff and Junior translators); - the sphere of education and science (educational institutions with international problems, academic and research organizations of international profile).  Objects of professional activity: occupation: 5В050500 – "regional Studies" are think tanks; organizations, institutions of state and non-state profile, dealing with international relations, foreign policy, interstate and interregional relations; organizations with both international and regional focus, institutions, foundations; NGOs (non-governmental organizations).