International relations

Objectives (mission) of the educational program - The mission of the educational program is to provide high quality educational services for the training of competitive specialists, leadership in the national educational space for training in bachelor's degree through the implementation of the principles of the Bologna process and modern quality standards, training of international Affairs specialists with knowledge of foreign languages, the specifics of international relations and analytical skills in the international environment, thus able to accompany the international activities of the state., private and public organizations in order to modernize the Republic of Kazakhstan.


Objectives of the educational program:


  1. in-depth theoretical and practical individual training of bachelors of specialty 5B020200 – "International relations" in the chosen direction of professional activity;
  2. mastering by bachelors of specialty 5B020200 – "International relations"the most important and sustainable knowledge, providing a holistic perception of the scientific picture of the world;
  3. mastering by bachelors of the specialty 5B020200 – "International relations" of fundamental knowledge on the interdisciplinary basis, guaranteeing them professional mobility;
  4. preparation of bachelors of specialty 5B020200 – "International relations" with a high level of professional culture, including the culture of professional communication, having a civil position, able to formulate and solve modern scientific and practical problems, successfully carry out professional activities;
  5. continuing education bachelors специальности5В020200 – "International relations" at the subsequent stage of the vocational education system.

development of bachelor specialty 5B020200 – "International relations" ability to self-improvement and self-development, the needs and skills of independent creative mastery of new knowledge throughout their active life.

List of additional educational programs of choice within the specialty

1) Translation business (English)


2) political Science


3) Political analysis and forecasting


4) State and local administration

 5) Customs in international relations


Qualification characteristics of bachelor/ master of education in the specialty : the Sphere of professional activity of bachelor specialty 5B020200 – "International relations" are: - the sphere of international relations, the activities of international organizations and associations;

 - the sphere of national security of the Republic of Kazakhstan and other States;


 -activities of public administration bodies of the Republic of Kazakhstan, non-governmental organizations and associations working in the field of foreign and domestic political development of different profiles;

the media (editorial offices of the media - as reporters on international issues, support staff and translators Junior level);

- the sphere of education and science (educational institutions with international problems, academic and research organizations between of international profile).